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xvideo It video xnxx was fantastic." He sat down on the steps as they killed the lights, sipping his xnxn own coke. "Micah xnxx. com was on to something, JD. This is going indian xnxx to be big. I signed you both for the next three shoots in September for the Christmas ads." "You maybe should have asked Tyler first." JD patted his shoulder, "He thinks he might be crippled now." "What are you guys talking about?" Tyler pulled the painful sandals off, wiggling his toes. The bald cap itched and tugged at his face, and xnxx selingkuh he really wanted it off. "You're a hit, little buckaroo." Daniel took the boy's cheeks in his hands. "They thought you were almost as beautiful as JD and I do. They want you in the rest of these ads." "Really?" Tyler perked up. "I get to be a model, too?" "You are one now, Tex. The director, Cyd Alek, is going to call you tonight. There might be a xnxx movies series for you to do tomorrow for one of the boxer manufacturers. We can stay one more day if you want xnxx anime to." "Holy shit." Tyler whispered, falling back on the stairs of the set. His mind spun. A model. They wanted him to be a model. After long showers, they signed for their finances and expenses, Daniel showing Tyler where and what to do, and he agreed to come in for the next day. The director, Mr. Alek, was suddenly all smiles and warm handshakes zoo xnxx porn as he walked them out to the sex video truck. Tyler said very xnxx sex videos little, still absorbing what had been said. To unwind, they took Tyler to the porn videos beach for the afternoon, fawning over him and keeping him from xnxx asia getting quiet again. Tyler threw himself into the waves, laughing like a little kid as they shoved him back gay xnxx onto the sand. JD picked him xnxx tv up and xvideo threw him out farther into the surf, only to be blind-sided by Daniel, taking them both under. Back at the hotel, a wiry little man met them and handed video xnxx Tyler a packet from one of the national banks with checks and two credit cards in it. He sat on the couch with the man, awed as it was explained how his new accounts would xnx work, and listening as he porno xnxx was porno sex videos told his other account at home was closed and the balance transferred. He signed xnxx porno the signature cards, thankful that his mom was a stickler for good penmanship, and shook the man's hand when xnxx indonesia he left. He tapped the credit cards on his hand, wandering out onto the terrace in a daze. He rubbed in his ear with his finger, faintly amused when it vidio xnxx came out with gold glitter on it. "You okay?" xnxx mom Daniel asked, lying on a lounger. "I'm xnxxcom in a fairy tale, man. This doesn't seem real at all." He sat on the end of the lounge and lay back in Daniel's lap, suddenly needing to be close to someone. "I don't want to wake up." Daniel smoothed the boy's hair back, remembering what it had been like for him. "I think we should stay in tonight. I think you need the rest, Cub." Tyler nodded, liking the nickname that Daniel had started using. He folded his legs under himself, porno xnxx relaxing in Daniel's arms. JD ordered pizza, and they ate on the deck and xnxn listened to 80's rock. Tyler never realized how tired he was until JD xnxx jav woke him up to go to bed. His feet were pins and needles as he went to his room from falling asleep cross-legged. He peeled of his swimming suit and tossed it at the dresser, then fell heavily on the bed, out like a light. He dreamt of Daniel and JD, Egyptian gods, xnxx anime and himself, their willing and loving slave boy. The morning sun was in the windows, and Tyler stretched, not wanting to zoo xnxx open xnxx japan his eyes. He rolled over and doze for a few more minutes, trying hard to not xnxx vina garut wake up. Resigned, he opened his eyes, then screamed and curled into a ball. Daniel landed in the middle of the bed with a hard bounce that nearly carried them off onto the floor, tickling Tyler's sides, legs and feet. Tyler giggled helplessly, trying to roll away. "Oh, god, Daniel, no!" He pleaded, wrapping his arms around his middle. "Daniel, xnxx tamil I have to piss! Please!" He finally desi xnxx managed to roll onto the floor and xnxx tv jumped up for a mad dash into the bathroom. Daniel laughed and got up from the bed to go back into the living room. "You two sounded like a pack of elephants. I hope no one called security." JD chuckled, setting their bags by the door. They were packed for the trip home, having finished waiting for xxx videos Tyler to get up. Tyler's shoot was in an hour and a half, after which they planned to hit the freeway and drive the rest of the way to Oregon. In fifteen minutes, Tyler came out showered and dressed, his bag over his shoulder. He set it by the others and accepted a cup of coffee. When the bellboy arrived, JD stifled https // a laugh as Tyler gave xxx video instructions for the luggage, peeled off a ten-dollar bill, and sent the bellboy running. They had to be at least a few months apart in age, but Tyler definitely was waking up his commanding presence. Micah met them at the www.xnxx studio, enthusiastically telling them that the Ages cologne ads had been bought, xxnn and that they were very well received. She was now doing the boxer ad as well, and would meet with Tyler after makeup and wardrobe had him. He was a lot less worried this time, and didn't resent it when Daniel xnxx vina garut left to talk contracts. The frumpy lady even seemed friendly, offering him a tiny pair of bikini briefs to xnxx hot wear while he got made up. It was explained that he could keep these on so he could change from one set of boxers to another sex xnxx on the set, saving time, and giving him a xxn tad of privacy. The carefully trimmed and styled his hair, and painted his entire body so that he appeared to have an even tan (no time to work on that yet). There were twenty different pairs of boxers, and he was photographed in each xxnxx one in several poses. It took almost three hours, but Tyler had the time of his life. He liked mom xnxx being coached into the different facial expressions, and xxx xnxx how to use certain emotions to get the right look. Daniel and JD called on from behind the camera, offering advice and encouragement. They left immediately after the shoot, heading xxx video for home. They drove through the redwoods, giving Tyler his first look, and took the coastal vina garut xnxx highway until it was time to turn towards the east. Tyler soaked up everything japan xnxx he saw and asked questions until JD was sex xnxx almost ready to gag him for the rest of the trip into West Falls. Daniel's dad met them at the door, throwing his arms around both, and offering a xnxx. handshake to Tyler. "Who's this?" He asked, pleased with Tyler's videos xnxx manners and grip. "Your grandson, Tyler." Daniel quipped, setting bags on the floor. "I'm kidding, Pop. He worked for us in New Mexico, and did a hell of a job, so I had Mike Barruka vina garut xnxx set him up as our assistant. He's done some film work, too." Tyler was given Daniel's room. He looked around at the various items and pictures before changing out of his rumpled clothes and into a pair of sweat shorts and xnxx jepang a tank top. He found Daniel out on the patio with his parents, Arthur Daniel Broederick Sr., called Art, and Margie. "JD went to his folk's house." Margie told him xnxx porn as he sat bokep xnxx down. "They just got back from Portland earlier today." "What were they doing there?" Daniel asked, accepting zoo xnxx a cold coke from his mother. xnxx porn He sat across from his dad and had xnxx com changed in to the rattiest pair of Op shorts Tyler had ever seen and a beat up T- shirt, totally blowing site xnxx his model image. He had one leg up on the chair and sprawled the other out in front www xnxx of him. "JD's sister enrolled for college, honey. She's going to be a nurse xnxx 2019 practitioner, kind of like a doctor." She handed Tyler a soda and sat down, putting her feet up xnxx jav on her husband's lounge chair. Tyler admired their obvious closeness, watching as the man rubbed his video porno wife's foot affectionately. He thought of the Cleaver's. "You and JD need to meet with Larry Purvis tomorrow and sign papers for your house, by the way." Art said, looking at his son. "How long will it take to close?" Daniel asked. Art smiled and shook his head. "Son, I don't think you read my message right. It's done. I used your power of attorney and finished the rig a ma roll last week." Daniel leaned forward and dropped his foot to the ground totally shocked. "You mean it's completely done?" "You own it, Daniel. I have the keys in my pocket." He pulled out a pair of silver keys and held them xnnn out, his face glowing with pride. "It's yours, Dan. I'm proud of you." Daniel took the keys almost reverently, his eyes filling with water. He was xnxxx silent for videos xnxx xnxx. a long moment, hands shaking, then jumped to his dad and wrapped his arms around the man. "Oh, xnxx indian god, Pop. Thank you so much." Art patted Daniel's back, trying not to cry xnxx hindi himself. "It was your money, boy. All I did was chase lawyers." Daniel sat back down and bounced the keys in his hand, a broad grin on xnxx gay his face. Tears streaked his cheeks, and he accepted a hug from his mother. "We really did it. I can't xnxx app believe we really did it." A thought struck him and he looked up alarmed. "Does JD xnxxcom or his porn videos parents know?" Art shook his head. "I thought you might want to tell him." "I do. Thanks, Pop." They talked almost xnxx desi until one am, when Tyler began to yawn www xnxx hugely. Margie agreed xnnx to help with decorating, xnxx sex videos and xxx videos they talked furniture and such. Art sex videos leaned his head towards Tyler, catching Daniel's attention. The boy dozed with his head lolling xnxx com on his chest, indo xnxx and they decided to call it a night xnxx telugu After seeing Tyler to his room, Daniel laid on the couch in the family room, reviewing his life and how far he'd come. This same room had seen the xnxx sex video beginnings of sex video his life with JD, his broken limbs healing, and some of the greatest sex he'd ever had. His thoughts wandered to the new house as he drifted off, and what would be the beginnings of a long life japan xnxx with his partner. It would be interesting to see where Tyler fit in. Date: 10 Aug xnxx sex video 99 13:43:48 From: rimshotplanetaccess Subject: Daniel and JD part 8 For those of xnxx com you that have followed this tale, I appreciate the emails and have porn xnxx enjoyed responding to them all over the globe. I am humbled by what I've learned doing this, and will continue. It's a hell of a lot of fun. Rimshotplanetaccess Thanks, and keep the indo xnxx ideas coming, Dan Daniel and JD part 8 / A life of our own Tyler was xxxx enlisted by Margie to help xnxx. get them into the truck. JD and Daniel sat in the back of Arts Suburban blind folded, eagerly awaiting the first sight of their new home. The drive was short, less than two miles, and mostly up hill. xnxx hd Daniel tried once to peek, but had his hand slapped by his mother. Finally xnxx jepang they stopped, and the two were led to the center of the driveway. Daniel whipped his blindfold off, desi xnxx a giant vidio xnxx smile on xnxx arab his face, which slowly dissolved into awe. Tears began to roll down his cheeks, and a sob porn xnxx of joy wracked through him. Oh, JD," He whispered, xnxx. com "We did it." Before them stood a big Victorian house, dressed in gray siding with white trim. A big porch wrapped around two sides of the house, and a tower rose two stories on the other side. Shutters framed the windows. A site xnxx huge tree sat on the side of the house xxnx gently rustling in the light morning breeze. JD sat down on the concrete, no longer able to support his own weight. He rocked gently, holding his face in his hands and unable to speak. tamil xnxx Their dream stood in front of them, three stories tall and fully restored. japanese xnxx When they indian xnxx first found the house, it was dilapidated and near ruin. Now it stood like a giant gray xvideos monolith, welcoming them to their new home. Daniel held out his hand and pulled JD up. He fished the keys out of his pocket and handed one to JD, then headed for the front door. The porch was shady and cool, and a welcome mat had already been put at the door. He carefully wiped his feet before inserting the key, swallowing hard to xnxx videos not get overcome xnxxcom by emotions. The door slid open silently. Emerald green plush carpet bokep xnxx and xnxx hd oak trim greeted them. xnxx movies The front room was not big, but seemed very spacious with xnxx/ the large bay at the base of the tower. An oak banister headed up stairs near xnxx hd the front door. They stepped inside, JD reverently running his finger tips xnxx mom over a sunny leone xnxx piece of trim. "I can't believe it." Daniel whispered, shocked by the sound of his own voice. "From the porn pictures we saw, I wouldn't have thought this was possible." He moved in to the hall and walked through the dining room into the kitchen. Oak cabinets and brand new appliances sat quietly, waiting to be filled and used. "Danny, come here!" JD called, having gone xnxx selingkuh into the big family xnxx sex room at the back of the house. Daniel entered the room and stopped dead in his tracks, greeted by an entire wall of glass over looking the backyard and covered patio. Several roses were lined along a cedar fence, and xnxxx a waterfall sat in xxnxx one corner surrounded by short trees. Daniel looked back and found JD standing in front of a built in xxx media center, also in oak. The floor was a medium brown, and a second flight of stairs led up out of the room. On one wall hung Daniel's swimming medals right next to his xxx dad's. He walked over and touched them lightly, feeling a lump in his throat. On the opposite wall were several pictures, framed and arranged, of JD and Daniel from the time they were born to very recent, with family sex videos and friends mixed in. They ate lunch on the porch with Daniel's parents and waited for JD's parents to get there. Two pizzas and some sodas disappeared quickly, and JD gave his parents the nickel tour. Margie and Daniel made several calls to furniture xvideos stores and arranged to go xnxx video have a look at what was available, and sex xnxx JD called to get utilities hooked up and a phone so they didn't spend a fortune on their cell phones. Tyler was given xnxx jav his xnxx video pick of the four smaller bed rooms in the house until or if he decided to live else where, and opted for the attic, which had it's own bathroom and shower, as well as an outside set of xnxx teen stairs that led down to the patio, making it seem very similar to a private apartment. The next week passed https // like lightening. xnxx videos New items were delivered every day. JD took Tyler into town to get registered for driver's training, and Daniel filled the kitchen with two loads xnxx gay from the market. video xnxx Both sets of parents spent hours helping, or trying to help, as the boys set up shop. Daniel stood in the front yard in porn cutoffs and a ratty T-shirt, watching as the dining room table was carried in by three guys from Durant's Fine Furniture. A sofa and love seat for the family room sat near him on the grass, still wrapped in plastic. He heard a honk and turned to see a little silver-blue convertible coming up xnxx porno the road at just under the speed of light. At the last minute vidio xnxx it swerved into the yard, stopping almost three feet from where he stood. JD pulled himself up out of the driver's seat to sit on the trunk, xnxx app spreading his arms xnxx japanese wide and showing a full wolf grin that almost looked painful. "What do you think?" He asked, lifting porno his legs up and sliding out of the car. "It's a BMW Z3, and I got it for six grand under sticker!" xnxx india Tyler climbed out of the passenger seat and followed JD to where Daniel stood. "I have never seen anything so sexy in my life!" "Thanks." Daniel chuckled, giving JD a hard time. "That's not what I meant, dickhead, and you know it." He kissed Daniel on the mouth, raising eyebrows on the work crew. "Here," he held up the keys, "Take it for a ride." "Later, okay?" Daniel walked over and looked the car xnxx com/ up and down. It was a beautiful car, and JD hadn't owned anything xnxx asia since he sold his blazer as a trade in on the Explorer. The interior was gray blue leather with black trim. He smiled and nodded. "So much for going easy on the money though, right?" "Are you kidding?" JD was astonished. "We haven't even gotten into our accounts yet. I bought this with interest." "From what?' Daniel asked, confused. "From the investment on the two subdivisions your dad did. It paid for the house, the furniture, this car, and there's still about a hundred thousand in it." JD walked over and put his hands on xnxx indian Daniel's shoulders. "Didn't he tell xnxx hindi you?" Daniel video porno shook his head. "With the money that we gave him, he tied up thirty six acres of primo land in the Forrest Falls subdivision. He and my dad borrowed the rest until it went through. They're stinking rich, xnxx Dan." He laughed and kissed Daniel again. "We haven't touched our money that's in the bank. Everything's paid for." "Holy shit." Daniel sat on the hood of the car and porn videos looked at xnxx telugu the house, trying to digest what he'd just heard. There had only been about five hundred thousand in the bank, and he was sure that was nearly gone. Now he wondered if xnxx asia it had been touched at all. He needed to talk to his dad. "You mean to tell me that my dad used that power of attorney letter xnxx indo to buy sub plots, or whatever, and that money paid for the house and everything in it?" He asked, his skepticism evident in his voice. "Pretty cool, huh?" JD laughed, leaning on the car. "Your old man's a genius, Danny. We're fucking rich, and we owe it to wwwxnxx him." He folded his arms to his sides and pulled his shirt off, flinging it into the car. "We ought to talk to him about doing some more investing. We could do our own agency next spring, buddy." "Jesus Christ." Daniel mumbled, getting the gist of the conversation to finally sink in. "We need to go over and talk to him tonight. I want to make sure. I'm not doubting you, I just want to see it laid out in front of me." He headed for the house, stopping to nxxn put his sandals back on, then stopped and shot a wicked grin at Tyler. "By the xnxx .com way, vina garut xnxx Mr. Assistant, the lawn could use a mowing." He turned sunny leone xnxx and walked the rest of the xnxx download way to the porch. JD caught Tyler's arm and leaned down conspiratorially. "Hire someone, Mr. Assistant. Delegate." sex He left Tyler standing on the lawn smiling. xnxx stories The next morning Daniel woke up at ten and carefully untangled himself from JD. It was funny that on the free porn enormous new king sized bed they now had, they still ended up xnxx barat wrapped around each other. He padded into xnxx teen the master bathroom and showered, then dressed in a pair of khaki shorts before going down stairs. The coffee was already xxnx made, and he pour a mug, xnxx sex video then went searching for Tyler, the only occupant who could've made it since JD was still asleep. He found him on xnxx japanese the patio sitting at the new wrought iron patio xnxx tamil set typing into xxxx the laptop. A phone line ran to a wall socket near the door. "Watcha doin', Punk?" He asked, falling into xnxx/ one of the other chairs. "JD's car is insured, we have a new grounds keeper that comes twice a week, your mother made me hire a maid, Mrs. Bentley, who comes on Monday, Wednesday, www xnxx com and Saturday mornings to clean, do laundry, and do the shopping, and you guys have an appointment with your dads at one o'clock at Shortman, Kroft, and Paine, to discuss investments." Tyler stopped typing xnxx korea and looked up matter of factly. "I have also finished the reservations, flight numbers japanese xnxx and rental car for Denver. Good morning." He broke into xnxxx a wide grin. "Wow." Daniel said, amazed. He got up xnxx india and kissed Tyler on the forehead and tousled his hair. "I am astounded by your abilities." He sat back down and crossed his legs. https // "Who'd have believed that the useless gutter child we rescued would turn out to be so talented." "Handsome useless gutter child." Tyler responded, going back to the computer. "I xnnx also started the plans for the trip to Hawaii that you guys want to take with your parents. You can leave on the 20th of this month and be back on the 26th, giving us plenty of time to get to Denver." "That's a contrast in scenery." JD mumbled, wandering out onto the deck with a mug of coffee and his hair un-attended from sleeping. He was still nude, and flopped into one xnxx indonesia of the cushioned chairs, blinking at the sun through slitted eyes. "Ye gods, porno xnxx JD, you look like a hurricane hit you." Daniel lifted his hand to touch xnxx com/ finger tips, a way they had of sharing xxx videos a moment. "Yeah, whatever." JD sipped carefully at the free porn hot brew. "Tyler's driving test is in an hour, and I promised he could use the Beemer." "Oh, xnxx sex shit. Look out Forrest Falls." "I'm a good driver. That little old lady promised not to sue." Tyler quipped. He typed furiously for a moment, then sat back, pleased with his handy work. "You guys can take a quick two hour job while xxnn you're in Hawaii and write the whole thing off as business expenses. It's for Laird Pharmaceuticals, a fragrance ad that xnxx you've done before. They want you, Daniel." "They all do." JD intoned in mock gravity. "His is a sorted life of no privacy, basking in japanese xnxx the glory of xnxx korea his fame." "Jesus." Daniel rolled his eyes. "You are not allowed to sleep that much anymore." "Scary, isn't it?" "When you to are done, I need to get ready for my xnxx arab test." Tyler shook his head, trying to stop them before they got on one of their pun routines. "Are you taking me into town then, JD?" "Yeah. I'll go shower and we'll go." JD stood and stretched, making grunting noises as the muscles loosened up. "We need to get out of here so Daniel can go do what he needs to do." "What's that?" Tyler asked, gathering mugs xvideos to go into the kitchen. "I can't tell you, and he won't tell you. I don't know, and he's just a dink." JD kissed Daniel and moved into xxx xnxx the house, taking the back stairs two at a time. The morning xnxx japanese was warm and humid, a perfect day for the top gay xnxx to be down on xnxx barat the BMW. Tyler drove, using his learner'' permit, with JD riding shotgun. They listened to indo xnxx the local rock station and talked about general items, including the big secret that xxn Daniel was taking xnxx indo care of. JD either didn't know what was going on, nxxn or wouldn't say. Both were equally irritating. The test was a breeze, and Tyler www.xnxx smiled for the camera. xnxx bokep As with all licenses, it looked like a mug shot. He thanked the instructor and walked out, accepting a hug from JD. With Tyler at the wheel, they stopped at the office where JD's father worked, Tyler staying in the car. He sat on xxnn the back of the trunk with his feet on the xnxx stories seat, watching the sleepy little town. It was quiet, with almost no traffic, and Tyler felt at home. He hated big cities, he decided, despite how exciting sex California had been. He watched absently as a boy about his aged road his bike towards him on the street. The guy was good looking, that was for sure. He had short light brown hair and wore Oakley sunglasses, was bare chested, xnxx telugu and had on spandex biking shorts. He was thin but well defined. Tyler was surprised that he was attracted to xnxx indo the guy. xxx video As he watched, a delivery truck backed out, nearly hitting the guy and causing him to swerve. He nailed a parked truck, and Tyler xxnx leaped from the car and pelted over to where the guy had landed hard. The truck was between them, and he had to wait for it to move. The kid was pinned under his bike, with the wheels under xnxx app the bumper of the truck. Tyler knelt down and lifted the bike, helping the other slide out. "Dude, xnxx tv you are damn lucky. That asshole didn't even know what planet he was on." "Tell me about it. They never watch for bikes." The boy stood up painfully, favoring his right side. There was a long road rash along his hip and leg, and his elbow was skinned pretty badly. Tyler winced at tamil xnxx the blood that oozed from the wounds. "Thanks for helping, man. I appreciate it." "No problem. Maybe we should get you to a doctor xnxx desi or something." "Nah. I've been in a lot worse sex video pile ups than this." He pulled sex the bike out from under the truck and let it fall to the pavement. He put his hands on his hips in disgust. "Fuck. Twelve hundred bucks shot to xnxx 2019 shit." The bike was mangled. www xnxx com JD came out of the office, spotted them and trotted xnxx japan over. "What happened?" www.xnxx He asked, taking in wwwxnxx the sight. The kid looked familiar, and it dawned porno on him who Tyler was talking to. "You're Dane Durrant's little brother, aren't you?" "Yeah. I work for Stacey, Mr. Cammus." He held out his hand and shook xnxx hot with JD. "I'm JD, and this is Tyler." JD introduced. xnxx download "That things a goner, Eddie. Why don't you let Tyler take you to the house and clean up, and I'll borrow my old man's truck and bring the bike." xnxx .com "I don't want to be a pain in the ass. I was supposed to meet Stacey in half an hour to decorate a living room at some old house." "Well then you'll save yourself some time, because she's supposed to be at my house in half xnxx india an hour to do xnxx cina my living room." JD smirked, enjoying the look on the kid's face. xnxx cina "Man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a wise ass. The house is listed under Broederick." "Do you remember Daniel?" Eddie got xnxx bokep xnxx teen it. "Yeah, you two used to run around with japan xnxx Dane a lot." He snapped his fingers. "Now I know why Stacey was so intense about this job." xxnxx JD bent to pick up the bike. "Look, put something on the seat so it doesn't get all bloody, and run this Tour De' France winner out to the house. I'll be right behind you." He told Tyler, taking the bike across the street. "Call Daniel on the car phone and tell him what happened. Ask him if he's done with plan B." Tyler took Eddie's arm over his shoulders and helped him towards the car, strangely electrified by the contact. "What's plan B?" He asked, desi xnxx helping the mom xnxx kid rest against the hood of the car. xxx "You ask to many questions, boy." JD said, mockingly solemn. "Just get Eddie here out to the house and let him clean up." "Aye, xnx xnxx barat Aye, Cap'n. Swab the bilge an' run `er on the rocks. Aye, sair." xnnn Tyler ducked a swat at the back of his head and jumped sideways, nailing JD in the ribs with two soft karate chops. Eddie laughed, watching the two in their xnxx mock fight. On the road, he turned to Tyler. "You guys are pretty close, huh?" He took off his sunglasses, giving Tyler his first look at perfection in brown eyes. "I work for him and Daniel. I'm their assistant." He met those eyes and had to turn back to the road, afraid he might stare. "They hired me in New Mexico, and I stayed on when they came home." "Must pay pretty decent to have a Z3." Eddie patted the door of the car. Tyler chuckled. "This is JD's car. I just got my license this morning." He saw Eddie's jaw drop a